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Update for 07-28-2016

Well, they've done it again...it's like they've got an inside line to an endless supply of the hottest amateur girls on the planet ready to make their very first adult videos! I'm talking of course about the website Girls Do Porn, who you damn well better know about by now...I know a lot of you guys look forward to Fridays just for GDP putting out an update and I'd hate to disappoint by not posting, and man oh man you certainly won't be disappointed here. This absolutely gorgeous exotic 18 year old high school hottie is ready to make her first porno but is really nervous...maybe it's because she had to skip class to come make this hardcore video! She needed the cash though so she figured she'd give it a whirl...and I'm really glad she did because this girl is a total knockout. Long dark glossy hair, beautiful eyes, and by the way did I mention she wants to go to school for aerospace engineering? A beautiful Asian with a perfect slender body and intelligent as well? Just wait til she takes off that little flowery dress, too; she's got a tight slender body with pierced nipples and a shaved pussy and she gets right on her knees to give that cock a deep wet blowjob...she's had some sex but has definitely never had sex like this, she lost track of how many times she came and had a blast getting pounded in every position they could get into! Keep an out for that perfect fit cute butt of hers by the way...this exotic hottie is pretty amazing.

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